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For over 20 years Mainstay Legal has been a cornerstone in the Dallas Legal Community providing our Corporate and Law Firm clients with support locally and across the nation focused on the needs of the case and the needs of the legal team.

About Mainstay Legal

At Mainstay Legal we understand how important our services can be. We understand how important it can be for us to provide our services accurately and in a timely fashion. And we understand that we are generally not the core piece of a legal battle, investigation, or government request.

Mainstay is defined as “A thing on which something else is based or depends”.

Our Team at Mainstay Legal has provided support throughout the discovery process for written discovery, document production, and oral depositions.  For over 20 years Mainstay Legal has been a cornerstone in the Dallas Legal Community providing our corporate and law firm clients with support locally and across the nation focused on the needs of the case and the needs of the legal team.

Our Team’s Experience and commitment to our clients brings knowledge and experience when and where it is needed. With an average tenure of a decade across all employees and across all departments we have the know-how and the ability to take any project in the right direction.


Data Collection – Electronic Discovery – Database Hosting – Managed Document Review

wordcloud-ediscoveryMainstay Legal offers a wide range of litigation support services.  We specialize in managing all aspects of the document production process from collection of data and devices, to the ultimate processing of TIFF, native, or blended Productions, and everything in between.  There are many different situations that can arise during document production especially with the volume of potential evidence growing and changing every year.  With the variety of situations out there, and no two companies handling their data the same way it can be important to bring the right tool to deal with the situation.  At Mainstay Legal we strive to help attorneys and legal professionals do just that; to understand all the options and tools available and pick the one that most effectively addresses the needs at hand.

Pinpointing the most critical information is less overwhelming today. But be aware, some developers claim their solution is simple. They rarely are. Advanced capabilities still require forethought, planning, and experienced individuals alongside the right discovery software.

Rely on Mainstay Legal to provide you and your team the responsiveness, experience, and technology you need to effectively manage and navigate your next document production.


Photocopying – Scanning – Bankruptcy Mailings – Trial Demonstratives – Printing

wordcloud-paperservicesLegal document scanning and copying has been a mainstay in the legal industry for decades. To meet these needs, we have a dedicated and tenured team in Dallas able to produce large volume productions with quick turnarounds.

We generate work quickly and complete most projects overnight. Few discovery companies can manage large same-day rush projects, yet our team has done it time and time again. Visually inspecting every page for accuracy, we will never sacrifice the quality of our product. Our experience in handling such matters has made us a leader in large paper-based document productions.

Mainstay Legal’s hands-on quality control processes achieve greater results than automated scanning procedures alone. This guarantees that when you receive your finished product, you can begin work without pause or concern.


Reporting – Depositions – RealTime – Exhibits – e-Transcript

wordcloud-courtreportingMainstay Legal is committed to providing skilled court reporters with the experience needed to provide an accurate, timely, and professional product to our clients. We vet all our reporters to ensure the customer care and seamlessness our clients expect from Mainstay Legal extends to every area of support we provide to law firms and corporate clients.

Feel confident that Mainstay Legal makes it a priority to understand your case and situation and ensures the right reporter is matched up with your court reporting needs.

With a team dedicated to providing an accurate product, timely and effective communication, and building relationships through excellence in what we provide, Mainstay Legal is ready to be your mainstay provider for Court Reporting Services.


Medical – Employment – Government – Business

wordcloud-recordsretrievalFor decades the team at Mainstay Legal has brought effective communication and efficiency to the forefront of our service offerings; with Record Retrieval Services our approach is the same.  Effective communication and a staff dedicated to providing our clients what they need when they need it allows our team to build relationships with legal teams and corporate legal offices that last through the years, case after case, project after project.

Wherever the records are coming from, hospital, employer, government, our team can assist in coordinating with or even locating the right person and fulfilling the requirements necessary to get you the records you need in as timely a manner as possible.

Whether by Authorization or Written Deposition let Mainstay Legal take the time consuming research and repetitive following up off you and your team’s plate to allow you to focus on the important issues surrounding the legal matters at hand.


Exhibit Preparation – Courtroom Support – Courtroom Equipment

wordcloud-trialMainstay Legal is here because we come through for our clients in a pinch.  In trial, just about everything is ‘a pinch’.  Whether we have been assisting with a case all along or you simply need some last minute assistance, we are here to provide that support.

Our trial consultants are versatile, flexible, and ready to help out wherever needed.  We understand that in trial mode the word “No” doesn’t fit.  Whether you are in front of a jury or a judge, the stakes are always high and the preparation and presentation of evidence can be just as important as the actual facts themselves.

With the knowledge, experience, and equipment necessary to prepare and provide top tier presentations, in a technology laden court room or a less equipped jurisdiction, Mainstay Legal is ready to provide you and your team the support you need to make your case.


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